What is CK Method Urban Self Defence ?

This method of self defence is a culmination of my 30 plus years of training in martial arts. It is designed for the urban environment that we all live in.

What are your qualifications?

Craig is a 7th degree Aikido teacher with gradings issued from Japan. 3rd Dan in Korean Karate. Training in Mantis Kungfu, Wing Chun, Arnis de mano, Jujitsu, Japanese Karate, Systema, Reality based systems and Iaido

Is there a right age to start CK Method Urban Self Defence ?

This is suitable to all ages though the training can have a realistic influence so may be better suited to later teens and adults of all ages.

Can I take classes with my children?

Absolutely is the simple answer

Will I get hurt training in CK Method Urban Self Defence?

There is always a risk of injury. This is possible in all sports or  activities. We have experienced instructors that will monitor your progress to ensure your training is fun and you are coping with the training. If you require special attention due to current or previous injuries, let your instructor know so we may modify our training accordingly for you.

What else is taught with CK Method Urban Self Defence?

Aikido Tenshin Dojo is also blended with CK Method Urban Self Defence. 

Is this style of Aikido different?

Yes. Aikido Tenshin Dojo is a smart, practicle no nonsense style of Aikido with real life concepts. Our training covers evasions as our primary tool and leads to movements and techniques to cover modern real life situations.

We follow Sensei Jaime Calderon, a long time student or Sensei Steven Seagal

We also teach the Jo, Bokken and Tanto along with various other effective weapons.

What do I need to start training?

Have a conversation with the teacher prior to coming to class. When you come wear comfortable clothing and follow the lead of the teacher and other senior students. Martial art uniforms are not necessary as we would rather train in normal clothing that Kiwi’s wear everyday.