Craig Andrew – Instructor

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Craig began his training in martial arts as a 17 year old, studying in various martial arts receiving grading’s.

Later Craig moved to Western Australia for several months and studied Hapkido under an 8th dan Korean master. When Craig returned to Auckland looking for a Hapkido dojang, Craig was unable to find a suitable club. Craig first learned about Aikido when he first saw  a Steven Seagal movie. By chance a short time later Craig was passing the Northcote YMCA and saw an Aikido class by the late Mike Stanford Sensei. Craig was so impressed with Mikes’ teachings that he joined immediately. While studying under the NZ Ki Society Craig received the rank of Sandan. Craig followed Mike to Aikido Yuishinkai. Craig later became the Chief instructor of Aikido Yuishinkai receiving the rank of 7th dan black belt.

While studying Aikido, Craig received gradings in Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Willow School of Jujitsu, Arnis-de-mano Philipino Stick fighting and also trained many years in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido. Craig also experienced Muay Thai,  Wing Chun and Russian Systema.

In October 2016 Craig resigned as Chief Instructor Aikido Yuishinkai New Zealand 7th dan to run his own school of Aikido adopting the more practical aspects of Aikido.

More lately due to necessity, I have felt the need to develop my CK Method of Urban Self Defence which is a culmination of 30 plus years of training in a variety of styles to meet the requests of my students to provide a training that is adaptable to modern times and offering training that can provide confidence and skills that can be utilised in a shorter time frame.

Craig Paterson – Instructor

Aikido Tenshin Dojo Northshore


 As a youngster Craig (known as Big Craig )  started training in Karate and Taekwondo then moved on to begin Aikido at the age of 14 studying NZ ki Society style Aikido under the tutelage of the late Mike Stanford at the Northcote YMCA. Craig left Aikido reluctantly to follow his other passion to play National League Basketball for North Harbour.

Craig then trained  in Muay Thai kick boxing for several years where he gained a new perspective from full contact martial arts. Craig then spent a number of years travelling and living overseas before settling back in New Zealand.

In 2012 Craig returned to Aikido again training under the late Mike Stanford and Craig Andrew and received the rank of 2nd Dan in Aikido Yuishinkai. In 2016 getting the chance to train in Steven Seagal’s Tenshin Style Aikido, Craig decided to follow Craig Andrew and train under Sensei Jaime Calderon, a direct student of Sensei Steven Seagal.

Craig has studied various other martial arts including Kali and  Wing Chun which all help fuel his passion for training and teaching Martial arts.