Massey West Auckland


Live, Learn, Grow”

What we do……

CK Method Urban Self defence & Aikido Dojo West Auckland is a living, growing martial system intended for the modern urban world.  We train to manage crisis and conflict in a smart natural way using elements from a variety of  arts and everyday  common natural actions.

Our main initial focus is to develop your hand work and body movement from a 360 degree perspective.

All locks, pins, evasions and smart self defence tactics will flow from your natural body movements and hand skills into a flowing uninterrupted combination allowing you to defend yourself without any hesitation.

You will learn Japanese weaponry from the art of Aikido such as Jo , Bokken and sword. Knife and stick defence skills have a more  Filipino flavour.

There is no longer a need to spend many years to try and master techniques that may or may not save your life or someone you care about.

Remember: The only way to learn is to train and the only way to give ourselves the best opportunity to survive in a confrontation is to train, the only way to grow and develop is to train. 


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